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Why do we need to fill out a teamwear agreement each year?

We ask every team to fill out a new teamwear agreement each year due to the potential of policies and procedures being updated. We are always evolving how we run our business to ensure your time with us runs smoothly. We want you to be informed of any changes to our policies and procedures before you start the ordering process with us, we believe that is only fair- for you and for us!


Why do you still sell Triple Flip if they went out of business?


We sell Triple Flip teamwear as they have kindly granted us the rights to exclusively sell their teamwear garments. We love their designs and products and want to offer garments that we are passionate about.


Can we use our Triple Flip gift cards with your company?


With Triple Flips retail locations closing; unfortunately, we do not accept TF gift cards as they have no cash value toward our new business. We are a distributor of Triple Flip products, not an extension of their brand.


Why do you offer so many different brands?


At Inspired Athletics we offer many different brands, as we know each team is unique and we do not want to limit our teams as to what they can buy. Each of these brands offers something distinct and special, whether it is eco friendly material, giving back to their community or purchasing locally. Every brand has been hand picked by us as they fit with Inspired Athletics core values.


Does your in-stock program only come in black?

Our most popular styles are carried in sizes that fit a child’s size 5 through adult, only in solid black, and are the perfect option for fast turnaround and lowest prices. Visit our in-stock page for details.


What is your custom program?

Our Custom program allows you to design your Teamwear to stand out from the rest. There are many different custom design possibilities to incorporate for each individual club. We try to find the best color matches of fabric to work with your clubs colors. Visit our custom page for details.

Do you have a minimum unit required for an order?

In order to receive a discount for our In-stock program, our minimum order required is 10 units per style. You can still order 1-4 units but you will not receive the group order discount, and will pay full retail price.

For custom orders- it is required to order 10+ units per style, we will not process orders with less than 10 units.


Do you offer logoing?

We do offer logoing such as silk-screening, vinyl, and embroidery. These are an additional charge based on a tiered pricing program, which looks at how many units you have as well as how many colors are within your logo, placement and size of your logo. You can check out our logo and decoration page for details.


What are typical lead times for the Custom Program vs. the In-Stock Program?



TIME TO YOUR TEAM: 1 WEEK, plus shipping and delivery (will vary depending on area)



TIME TO YOUR TEAM: 4 WEEKS, plus shipping and delivery (will vary depending on area)



TIME TO YOUR TEAM: 8-10 WEEKS, plus shipping and delivery (will vary depending on area)



TIME TO YOUR TEAM: 10-12 WEEKS, plus shipping and delivery (will vary depending on area)


Do you offer sample sets?

If you are not sure about sizing, we can offer you sample sets of almost all of the garment types for worry-free sizing! You receive the full range of sizes so all athletes can be assured they receive the size that they need! We book in order of first come, first serve and sometimes there is a waitlist, so please book quickly from August through December.


How long can we keep the sample sets for?

Each team gets a week with the sample set from the time of delivery. Due to high demand in some styles we need to keep them moving from team to team. Please request additional time if need be, but it will depend on availability.


Is there a cost to ship the sample sets?

There will be a fee added to your final invoice for sample sets as well as the final product. It is the club’s responsibility to pay for shipping of sample sets back to us as well. We do offer local pick up if you reside in Calgary or surrounding area.


What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs will vary depending on your area and weight of package. If you provide us with your postal code we can give you an estimate but will not be finalized until we receive your total order and know the amount of garments and weight being shipped. Visit our shipping page for full details!

How do we pay?

We have a very simple online invoicing system, which accepts credit card and PayPal. We will send you an electronic invoice with instructions once you have submitted your order. We also accept cheques and e-transfer and can advise you on the process when you are ready. Visit our payment page for full details!


When do I pay? Can you accept a deposit?

We will accept a 50% deposit on orders over $5,000 and this must be paid before your order is put into production. The balance remaining must be paid before delivery.


What if we don’t see what we are looking for on your website?

If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, please inquire! We are always sourcing from new distributors as well as designing new styles and would love to learn more about your needs and how we can grow as a Teamwear supplier!


Can items be returned?

All items are final sale unless there is manufacturing related error within the garment, within a year of receipt. You must provide us with your receipt, and proof of manufacturer related defect.

Unfortunately, wear and tear can happen with garments, and that is not the responsibility of Inspired Athletics! Our products are tough, but so are kids!  

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help! 

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