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We have partnered with many local logo companies to help execute the branding portion of your teamwear experience. We have found the experts in each field of silk screening, vinyl, embroidery and rhinestone to provide the best applications possible for you and your athletes!

Before we get started, we need some information from you to provide you with an accurate quote. Each logo we work with is unique in style and order, so every quote will be different.


If you could please gather the following information and send it to us with your quote request, that would be greatly appreciated as this helps us execute the process quickly and efficiently!


1) Vectored copy of your logo in AI (Adobe Illustrator) or EPS format (Encapsulated PostScript)


Unfortunately, a jpg or png file will not work in most casesIf this is not something you have, you can contact your original graphic designer for the file, or, alternatively, we can vector your file for a small fee. Vectored artwork allows us to digitally manipulate your file to fit onto your garments, this is a must have! Don’t have artwork at all? You should contact a local graphic designer as soon as possible; the art process can take time! We also have access to a local artist if you need help, just ask!


2) An estimated number of garments you will be ordering


An idea of what you will be ordering will help us decide which application type will be best suited for your club. For example: Silk-screening requires an order minimum and does not always work out to be the best-case scenario for smaller clubs.


3) Application Preference


This can be a tough choice without all the facts. Below you can read a little bit about how each works and the pros and cons of all (in our opinion of course) Still not sure? We will give you our educated choice!

4) Colour


Seems simple enough, but there are thousands of pantones out there and we want to know exactly what you want to achieve your desired look! We can do the best to match off your artwork, but if you have a very specific colour in mind, you need to provide us with an exact pantone colour option or a swatch of the exact colour. Keep in mind, silkscreen has the best chance of matching to the exact colour, but vinyl can get close as well, but there are not 100% guarantees it will be exact unless you provide us with a pantone.

*Colour matching is not guaranteed year to year, but we strive to get it as close as possible*


5) Logo Placement


Depending on the lines of the garment, and the uniqueness of the logo, some will work better in certain places. For example: a large detailed logo will often present better on the back of a jacket, rather than smaller chest area, or on the hip of a legging. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will come up with what works best for you, your logo and the garments desired.

Check out our logo placement guide


It truly varies from club to club depending on your logo, the complexity, number of colours and how many units you will be ordering.


Below you will find more information about the different application processes we offer to help you decide if you have a preference. Please keep in mind, we can make recommendations based on your logo and order size, but ultimately, we want you to be informed when making the decision and LOVE the final product as much as we do.


There are distinctive features and uses for all forms of applications but there a few important things to consider:




Silk screening is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil pattern of a design or text. The stenciled design forms open areas of mesh that allow the ink to come through as a sharp-edged image. Each color in the design get its own screen and then each screen is laid down on the shirts one at a time. The more colours in your logo, the more screens it takes to create your design, thus, an added cost per colour!



-Best colour matching ability

-Best for high-quality detailed designs

-Great with all types of fabrics


-Minimum order of 15 units per size

-Cost per colour and set up fee per screen

-Size restrictions and placement capabilities due to machinery



Vinyl is becoming increasingly popular for logo application and has come along way in terms of detail and colours that can be applied.  Vinyl application is the process of printing, cutting and weeding the vinyl material into your own custom logo! Typically, this works best for one colour application, but can also be used for multi-colour designs with intricate details if done with a specific technical vinyl printer.


-Inexpensive option for small, simple logos

-No unit minimums 

-Priced based on size not colour (pro and con!)

-Can be used for the smaller logos than silkscreen

-Can be used for name bars and numbers


-Can have less durability if the logo has small lines or details

-Colour matching is less accurate

-Set up fees with every order

- Can have a weeding charge for intricate designs



Embroidery is a stunning and distinct option for a team that really wants to stand out! Embroidery is the craft of decorating your garment using a needle to apply thread or yarn. This is best used for smaller and less complex logos or name bars with few colours. We offer a variety of thread options to match your team colours, but options can be limited to what the logo company has in-stock.


-Extremely durable

-Stands out!

-Inexpensive option if small and one colour

-Can be used for name bars and numbers



 -One-time digitizing fee

-Set up fees with every order

-Can be difficult with a small logo and many colours

-Large logos can create weight to a garment



Please email your teamwear representative directly for details and quotes.


Once we have gathered all the required information we will work to quickly get you your quote.


Please note: Logos are priced based on application type, quantity, size, placement, and numbers of colours.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a quote before we have all information listed above, as each team and logo needs are different and will have a varying price.


Please be patient while we work with our art department and logo companies on your art proof and quote.

We want your garments to be just as perfect as you do, and we strive to do that within a reasonable time frame and cost to your team.  


Have more questions? Please email us!

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